Touchweight Management Seminar


Touch weight Management is the way to manage how pianist feels touch weight when playing.

One feels touch weight heavy, light or comfortable etc. by playing it. Not just measuring down weight and up weight for example. 

There are reasons why and how the action is felt like that. Touch Weight Management looks at it from two aspects of the action.

One aspect is static balance weight which is measured by down weight and up weight. Analyzing weight of each part and several ratios among the action. Touch weight can be adjustable by setting this balance weight higher or lower. 

Another aspect is kinetic resistance which is shown by moment of inertia of the action. This aspect also requires measuring weight of each part and ratios within the system. Calculate amount of the moment of inertia by specific way. Touch weight can be adjustable by changing parameter of the moment of inertia and gear ratios to make the action heavier or lighter. TWM is looking into them and set individually to get the best suitable kinetic touch weight for the specific customer. 

TWM can be done at existing action as well as when replacing hammers and shanks etc. YNPTC carries out it with servicing action by request and/or when replacing hammer and shanks.

Related files are downloadable. Please feel free to look through and use them.


previous TWM seminars & Classes


  • In April - May 2015:Tokyo (2 x 1.5 hours), Yamanashi (1day), Hiroshima (a half day) and Kyusyu (1 day)

  • In May - June 2016: Sapporo (1 day), Sendai (2-days), Tokyo (2 x 1 day), Yamanashi (1day), Kanazawa (1 day), Takamatsu (1 day), Hiroshima (1 day) and Kyusyu (2-days)

  • In May - June 2017: Sendai (2-days), Tokyo (2 x 1 day), Kanazawa (1 day), Osaka ( 2-days), Nagoya (2-days)

  • In October - November 2018: Nagoya (1 day), Osaka (2 x 1 day), Uozu (2-days) and Tokyo (1 day)


  • October 2013: 1 hour class at APTTA Sydney convention

  • October 2014: 3 x 1.5 hours classes in Brisbane for Queensland Guild

  • October 2015: 45 minutes class at APTTA Perth convention

  • October 2017: 2 x 1.5 hours classes at APTTA Adelaide convention

  • April 2018: 3-days practical seminar in Sydney (private group)


  • Yuji has given several 1 hour classes at weekend workshops of PTTGNZ.


  • October 2018: 1.5 hours class at Mid-Pacific Piano Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii


proposed TWM seminars and classes 


  • 3 seminars will be held in Naoetsu (1.5 days), Sapporo (1 x 2 days and 1 x 1 day) in May - June 2019.

  • Yuji will be appearing at 21st conference of the International Piano Tuners and Builders Association (IAPBT) in Hamamatsu 25 & 26 May 2019 as one of lecturers among major manufacturers such as Steinway & Sons, Fazioli, Yamaha, Kawai etc. He will present in English on 25th and in Japanese on 26th.

TWM seminar in Kanazawa city, Japan in June 2017 hosted by Hokuriku branch, Japan Piano Technicians Association

TWM seminar in Kanazawa city, Japan in June 2017 hosted by Hokuriku branch, Japan Piano Technicians Association


TWM Seminar Options

One Day Basics

  • Learn basic elements of touch weight analysis such as difference of three action related ratios, how to measure each weight of action parts and how to control touch weight etc.

  • Can be possible at general workshop, studio and normal room.

Two Days Basics & Intermediate

  • Adding to One Day Basics, try hands on work to get clearer understanding. Also experience two aspects of touch weight with practical way.

Three Days Practical Session

  • Experience practical work of TWM with actual piano action.

  • It requires machinary and working environment.

Other advanced training session can be organized by request.


Nakamura Touchweight Management Hand Book

(タッチウエイトマネジメントの方法 , title in Japanese)

TWM hand book is the instruction book which Yuji published in April 2016 in Japan. Only Japanese version is available at this moment. English version has been progressed toward to publication.  

If you are interested in Japanese version, go to here to find out more or contact Yuji. 

Yuji respects Mr. David Stanwood, developer of Precision Touch Design (PTD) and creater of the protocol. TWM was developed with his protocol and ideas. 

If you would like to know more about him and PTD, visit his web site.