Yuji has been away until 19th June. For urgent request, please contact Jenkin Piano Service or Piano Corner. Look at below for their details.

Yuji prefers communicate through email and text as he doesn't take phone call while he is working and driving. Please send a message directly from below or sending email, text or leave your contact details to mobile. 


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Please send an email to ynpianotuning@gmail.com



Please text to 027-687 6313

or leave message with your contact details

Yuji doesn't answer when he is working and driving etc.

For cutomers seeking piano tuning and related services but couldn't reach Yuji, please try: 

Jenkin Piano Service, comprehensive services including case repair and repolishing

Yuji had worked at Jenkin Piano Service Ltd. for nearly 19 years as partner and director of the firm. JPSL and Yuji are maintaining a professional working relationship, assisting each other as necessary.

Piano Corner, another comprehensive services including case repair and repolishing. 0274-266-269

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