Repair your piano properly

Sometimes piano needs repairing to bring back to normal condition. It may be because of heavy usage, poor environment or un-expected flooding etc.

Yuji does many types of repairs. He is a specialist in action repair with experience working at Yamaha factories. His experience at Jenkin Piano Service strengthened and expanded it to include rebuilding work. Also he studied wooden processing for a year at a furniture making school, his woodworking skills are very high.

Repairing may be carried out on site. Or sometimes the action and/or other parts need to come to workshop. Price is depending on what needs to be done. Please ask a quote. Note visiting your place to inspect and provide a quote are not free except certain repairing on famous brand such as Steinway & Sons, Yamaha and Kawai etc.   

Basic repairs, please ask a quote.

  • Re-bush keys
  • Repair squeaky pedal mechanism
  • Repair leaky dampers
  • Replace hammers & shanks
  • Replace worn raw materials such as felt, cloth and leathers
  • Repair sticky action centers
  • Re-surface white key tops
  • Replace sharp key tops
  • Others except case repair 

Big repairs

  • Restring
  • Rebuilding
  • Rebuild action
  • Rebuild pedal mechanism

*Note Yuji doesn't do case repair. Please contact David Jenkin, Jenkin Piano Service.

Please ask Yuji for availability.

Hammer gluing 2.jpg

Hammer gluing is underway