Yuji can help achieving your dream as piano technician 


Yuji is an experienced senior piano tuner and technician in Auckland, New Zealand. He offers tutoring to technicians who want to higher skills in many aspects of piano technology. He has been worked in New Zealand, Australia and Japan.


Technical support

  • Yuji works together with you to fix the problem.
  • Yuji diagnosis the problem and give you suggestion.

Technical tutoring

  • Hands on session with actual pianos
  • Many aspects if technical areas
  • Based on Yamaha factories experience, tutoring experience at a school of piano technology in Japan for more than 70 students and train 6 apprentices at Jenkin Piano Service.

Touch weight management seminar

Touch weight management is the most important tool to analyze touch weight of piano action.

Viewing both static balancing the action as well as kinetic resistance of action movement, finding out where the action can be improved to suit the clients' request.  

He has given one-day and multi-days seminars in Japan and Australia. Also he is regular lecturer at local workshop in New Zealand and at APTTA convention.

work experience

Yuji would like to help technicians who want to improve their skills especially for younger generation. 

Yuji sometimes offer a position who works with Yuji at specific job and learn through the work such as touch weight management. 

Work experience is an exchange position, no pay & no charge. Can be from overseas as the one can enter New Zealand as a visitor. Communication would be English or Japanese.